About HowToLaw

HowToLaw has been continuously published since 2001 and is operated by Install Law Limited, a New Zealand based company.

Our mission is to provide

- a Legal Document search engine for both New Zealand, Australia, UK & the US;
- general legal information for New Zealand in a plain English HowTo format;
- offer a choice of legal practitioners from whom legal advice may be sought.

HowToLaw.co is not a legal practice. HowToLaw provides general information on legal issues. If you face a legal issue, you should take specific legal advice from a lawyer. The legal practitioner names and firms appearing and linked in this site are people and firms that offer legal advice in a separate capacity to HowToLaw.

HowToLaw has partnered with New Zealand, Australia, UK & US leading online legal document providers. Whether it is a partnership agreement, tenant lease agreement or a simple bill of sale, the HowToLaw search engine has hundreds of legal document templates to search through. These templates can help you take care of business cost effectively. When you select a document you are directed to the document provider where you may purchase the individual document.

The HowToLaw document database is the leading legal document search engine available. Since 2001 HowToLaw has proudly received numerous consecutive HitWise awards within the Business & Finance - Legal category.

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