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 Franchise agreements

This range of New Zealand franchise agreements cover businesses engaged in the food industry, selling a range of goods, or selling a service.

When you buy a New Zealand franchise you buy a business that is part of an existing chain of businesses. You, the "franchisee", will have the use of the franchise source's intellectual property - for example, a trademark or brand name together with know-how and other ideas - and the chance to sell a reliable product or service. You'll have the support of a franchisor who will already have experienced success in the business and will have advertising resources that would be beyond a sole trader starting up an entirely new business. In return for this you pay fees to the franchisor.

Typically a franchise has the following elements:

  • There is a contractual agreement between the franchisor and the franchisee.
  • The franchisor grants a right or licence to the franchisee to carry on a particular business under or using a specific name that belongs to or is associated with the franchisor.
  • The franchisee is usually required to operate the business in accordance with the marketing, business or technical plan that the franchisor specifies. In other words, the franchisor is entitled to exercise continuing control.
  • The franchisor is required to provide ongoing marketing, business or technical assistance.
  • The franchisee pays the franchisor a fee for the rights and the services that the franchisee obtains from the franchisor.

Franchise agreement: restaurant, cafe or other food retail


This is a New Zealand focused Franchise Agreement for a restaurant, cafe or other food retail business. It is comprehensive enough to be used by the largest multinational restaurant franchises.


Franchise agreement: retail business


This franchise agreement is for a business that sells goods. New Zealand focused agreement.


Franchise agreement: service business


This New Zealand focused Franchise Agreement is for a business that predominantly sells a service to the end customer.


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