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Separation agreement


A Separation Agreement suitable for a New Zealand couple.

If you and/or your partner (married, in a civil partnership, separated or just living together) decide to separate, you can enter into a separation agreement. Married couples or civil union partners may also decide to apply for a separation order from the Family Court.

A separation agreement is a legally enforceable contract, except that

-to the extent that the agreement deals with relationship property issues, there are procedural requirements it must satisfy in order to be legally valid.

- to the extent that it deals with care arrangements for children, the agreement does not give legal rights that could be enforced in the courts. In making decisions about care arrangements, the court will be concerned only with what is in the best interests of the children. 

This Separation agreement allows you to manage your own legal matters in a cost effective manner. Guideline & notes are provided. Also see the HowTo article 'How to enter into a formal separation agreement'.


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